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Alnico Cylinder Magnet

Material: Cast Alnico Magnet
Shape: Cylinder
Cast Alnico Magnets are usually produced to some simple shapes like Blocks, Cylinders, discs and rings. Alnico Magnet are one important permanent magnet because of its high Working temperature and the stable performance. On another hand, Alnico are widely used in some music industries, for example, Guitar, Microphone and loudspeakers. That because they have very good performance on sound.
Cast Alnico magnet are produced by the method of casting. Materials, Al, Ni,Co, Fe,and some grades incl. Cu,Ti,are smelt in a furnace, then shaped a kind of Sand Die. Common dimensions (for these cylinders, over D3.0mm, they can be shaped directly. And then grinding them for certain dimensions. Then they will be heat treated.(a kind of process to make certain magnetic properties) Then grinding again to required dimensions and tolerances. Less then D3.0mm, usually will be asked linear cutting. Or use some special method. Like glass tubes. Metal water was intake to glass tubes,wait for cold to break glass tubes.
Cylinder Alnico Magnets are usually used in some sensors(Alnico 2, 5, 8), guitar pickups(Alnico(2,5,8),and some other applications.


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