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Alnico magnets can be produced to large size in imagination because of its very simple form process but there are some limited condition for the size.
First, we found the Coercive Force is a very important to decide if the magnet was easy to crack when the size get bigger. We can produce a Alnico that about 3 kg, there is no crack appeared, but Alnico 8 would be easy to crack when the weight get to 1 kg or 1.5 kg. We adjust some elements of the Alnico 8, that can produce a type of special Alnico 8, that Br would be higher 5-10%, and the Hc 5% lower than usual, it will not crack. That mean crack is one limit condition for the size of Cast Alnico.
Second, the length of magnetic direction, this limit condition is an equipment limit condition. Anisotropic Alnico need to be oriented in magnetic field in the heat treatment process. And the width of the magnetic field has decided the length of the magnetic direction. our current magnetic field is 200mm width, that mean we can produce a cast alnico magnet with a length of 180 mm around.
Three, machining limit condition, Alnico is a type of alloy that hard and brittle, that they can not be machined by some machine method that easy to destroy the magnet. After we built our special machining factory, the machining abilities have been improved a lot, that this issue is being resolved by new technology of machining equipment.

There list some about the dimension and tolerance for Cast Alnico
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