Cast Alnico Stocks

The stocks we list here are very small part of our stocks, with 12 years production, we have produced more than 10 thousand of magnets which have different shapes, different grades, different sizes as Customer requirements. And for long term customers, we will prepare stocks for them that can fast the delivery time and also give customer support on urgent requirements.
If you have any requirement on Cast Alnico magnet, please don’t hesitate to contact us or email us or directly talk to us on the website.

Cast Alnico for Guitar pickups

Alnico blocks

Alnico Stocks(Alnico Pickups block)
W(MD)LHGradesOther information
Cast Alnico 2, 5, 8 are widely being used in Guitar pickups, we have hundred of sizes, you can contact us for more information.
12.7633.2Alnico 2Bright surface
12.5583Alnico 2raugh surface
12.7593.2Alnico 2Bright surface
12.6583Alnico 2Bright surface
12.5623Alnico 5Bright Surface
13623Alnico 5Bright surface
12.7633Alnico 5Bright surface
12.6623Alnico 5Bright surface
12.763.64.8Alnico 5Bright surface
12.763.53.18Alnico 5Bright surface
12.7633.2Alnico 5Bright surface


Cast Alnico rod magnets for pickups
Jack Magnetics have hundreds of rod magnets for guitar pickups, please contact us if you have any questions.
4.7517.5Alnico 5 
4.7517.05Alnico 2 
4.7516.5Alnico 5 
4.7519.2Alnico 5 
4.7519.8Alnico 2 
4.7516.5Alnico 5 
4.7518.05Alnico 5 
4.7518.3Alnico 5 
4.7515.88Alnico 5 
517Alnico 2 
520Alnico 2 
518Alnico 5 
4.817.5Alnico 5 
518.54Alnico 5 

other Cast Alnico Stocks


Table Caption
Jack Magnetics have many types of Alnico rod magnets please contact us if you have any questions.
1.581.58 (dm)Alnico 5LNG38
1315(dm)Alnico 5LNG40
518(dm)Alnico 5LNG40
6.3531.75(dm)Alnico 5LNG40
6.59.525(dm)Alnico 2LNG40
11.93814.22(dm)Alnico 5LNG44
1030(dm)Alnico 5LNG40
3415(dm)Alnico 5LNG40
1015 (dm)Alnico 5LNG44
17.3831.73(dm)Alnico 8LNGT42
7.715.5(dm)Alnico 8LNGT40
17.7815.24(dm)Alnico 82-0.6×45 degree LNGT40
5.0819.05(dm)Alnico 8LNGT40
6.3525.4(dm)Alnico 8LNGT40
6.96514.86(dm)Alnico 8LNGT40
890Alnico 2LNT16
58.8(dm)Alnico 6(Alnico 28/6)LNG28
17.515(dm)Alnico 82-0.2×45 degree
17.515(dm)Alnico 92-0.2×45 degree


Table Caption
LWHGradesGrades( details)
Expaination:Alnico No.1/No.2 No.1 means (BH)max: kJ/m3, No.2 means : X10 kA/m Alnico40/5: BHmax=40 kJ/m3 Hcb:50 kA/m
41(md)9.66.5Alnico 5Alnico40/5
6.35(md)3.181.57Alnico 5Alnico40/5
35.68710.287(md)4.445Alnico 5Alnico40/5
12.5(md)8.24.3Alnico 5Alnico40/5
55.810(md)3.2Alnico 5Alnico40/5
6313(md)3Alnico 5Alnico 44/5
636316(md)Alnico 5Alnico 44/5
80(md)37.416.4Alnico 5Alnico40/5
16149(dm)Alnico 5Alnico 44/5
25.412.7(md)6.35Alnico 8Alnico44/12
20207(dm)Alnico 8Alnico44/12
25.4(md)19.056.35Alnico 8Alnico44/12
12.5(md)86Alnico 8Alnico 40/12
25.4(md)25.49.5Alnico 8HAlnico 40/15 8Alnico44/12
38.1(md)6.356.35Alnico 8Alnico44/12
11.88(md)10.166.35Alnico 8Alnico 39/12 8Alnico 44/12
12.912.97.5dm)Alnico 6Alnico 29/6


Table Caption
DdHGradesGrades( details)
Expaination:Alnico No.1/No.2 No.1 means (BH)max: kJ/m3, No.2 means : X10 kA/m Alnico40/5: BHmax=40 kJ/m3 Hcb:50 kA/m
45189Alnico 5Alnico40/5
3518.19Alnico 5Alnico40/5
224.86.4Alnico 5Alnico40/5 5Alnico40/5
225.46.4Alnico 5Alnico40/5
36.51020Alnico 5Alnico 44/5
6352.636Alnico 5Alnico 44/5
1058615Alnico 5Alnico40/5
145.5754Alnico 5Alnico 44/5
118623Alnico 5Alnico44/12
62.652.735Alnico 5Alnico44/12
31.58(2-1.5X45°)63.5Alnico 8Alnico44/12
31.7510.68853.34Alnico 8Alnico 44/12
59.76649.75825.4Alnico 8Alnico 39/12
39.925.116Alnico 8 IAlnico18/10
57.1512.750.927Alnico 8Alnico38/11
65303Alnico 2Alnico 12/6


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