Category: Magnet Stocks

Jack Magnetics will hold some types of magnet stocks to fast the delivery time when Customers have some urgent requirements. And we usually have some enough N52 and N50 standard magnet blocks for cutting to your size request. Jack Magnetics will do our best to reach your fast and urgent requirements.

Sintered Neodymium Stocks

Jack Magnetics Co. have some stocks of some normal sintered Neodymium magnets incl. cylinder,disc, block, ring and sphere shaped magnets. And we also custom manufacturer Neodymium magnets for customers, complex shapes, different grades and different sizes. You can tell us your any requirements on sintered Neodymium magnets. Cylinder or disc Neodymium magnets Cylinder or disc […]

Cast Alnico Stocks

The stocks we list here are very small part of our stocks, with 12 years production, we have produced more than 10 thousand of magnets which have different shapes, different grades, different sizes as Customer requirements. And for long term customers, we will prepare stocks for them that can fast the delivery time and also […]