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dy-fe Price

Dysprosium(Dy) is another important rare earth material for Neodymium magnet (high grades), and this type of rare earth material is much expensive than Pr-Nd. They can not hold as a pure metal that they are very easy to be Oxidized, so usually Neodymium magnet producer will use Dy-Fe Alloy. TYPICAL MAGNETIC PROPERTIES OF SINTERED ALNICO […]

pr-nd metal price-update

Pr-Nd is an important material on producing Neodymium magnets. It is a kind of rare earth material ,expensive and the main cost of the neodymium magnet come from Rare earth material. Pr-Nd price is not very stable after China was asked to cancel quotas administered by WTO, that makes Neodymium magnet manufacturers can not give […]

Cobalt Price-update

Cobalt is one important material in several magnetic products incl. Alnico, SmCo, Neodymium, FeCrCo magnets. It is a very important material to improve the magnetic properties of the magnetic materials, especially for their high grades. And Cobalt is a kind of minor metal, the price usually expensive comparing with other metals. So Cobalt price would […]