FeCrCo(Iron-Chrome-Cobalt)magnet manufacturing Method

FeCrCo-iron-chrome-cobalt-magnet-machinable-magnetFeCrCo (iron-chrome-cobalt) magnet is a type of very interesting magnet for industries. Because as all know, almost all the permanent magnetic materials are very brittle, especially like Samarium cobalt magnet, Neodymium magnet, high performance Alnico magnet etc. They can not be machined by some efficient method, because they will be destroyed easily. But FeCrCo magnet can be machined as common steels prior to its heat treatment. So their production method is very similar with the common steels. But because it is impossible to have same big Qty magnet like common steels, it will take very expensive cost produce big shape of FeCrCo magnet, so there is another method to produce big FeCrCo magnet, which is very similar as Cast Alnico, we called Cast FeCrCo magnet. So there are 2 types of production method in fact. Here we introduce one. Another please see the Alnico magnet production.

1.Materials, There is some Formulas for different grades, we will prepare the materials for double checking.
2. Vacuum casting, it is usually produced by third party furnace, that because we need to prepare a huge materials, it is not efficient for casting in our small furnace. because the following milling and cutting or pressing will also be produced in some big machines.
3.4, they are a type of machining process like steels, sometimes it will take more production line for different shapes you like. It is same as common steel production. Here we don’t list the details, because they are almost not relationship with magnet itself.
5. It is an important process for FeCrCo magnet, they will be heat treated in some type of furnace, the process is similar as Alnico magnet, but the difference is that they need to be controlled on temperature at +/- 1 ˚c.
6, Magnetic properties test is same as Alnico magnet, their equipment can be used for both together.
7 surface treatment, is usually to burring because FeCrCo has a certain of corrosion resistant abilities, they usually don’t need to be plated.With final inspection, they can be packaged.


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