Samarium Cobalt Magnet(smco magnet) Available Grades

Sintered Samarium-Cobalt Magnet has many grades to support a variety of industrial application. The range of smco magnet grades typically extends from 16MGOe to 32 MGOe. Samarium cobalt (smco) magnet can supply better magnetic strength than Alnico Magnet, worse temperature performance than Alnico magnet,but still high temperature, expected to work at around 350˚C. Samarium Cobalt Magnet(smco magnet) supply worse magnetic strength than Neodymium magnet, but much better temperature performance.
There are two main types of Samarium Cobalt magnet(SmCo magnet) alloy. They are described by the ratio of Samarium and Cobalt. First type is the older one, one samarium atom per 5 cobalt atoms, and the newer samarium cobalt magnet ally is typically 2 : 17 of Samarium : Cobalt, in fact two atoms per 14 to 17 atoms.
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