Sintered Alnico Available Grades

Sintered Alnico magnet can supply its perfect stable magnetic field to applications in high temperature, but their magnetic strength is not strong, the top product energy only can reach about 6 MGOe, and usually excepted to about 5.2 for the best Product Energy for sintered Alnico application. And another disadvantage, is sintered Alnico( or Alnico) have poor Coercive Force, that means although the sintered Alnico magnets are stable for temperature, but they are easy to be affected by outer magnetic field even shake. and other hand, low coercive force, makes sintered alnico magnets are easy to be magnetized too. There is possible to magnetize them in a magnetic field supplied by an electromagnet. so the magnetizer for Alnico magnets will be much simple than that for other permanent magnet like Neodymium magnets or samarium cobalt magnets.

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