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Sintered Neodymium Magnets are produced by a powdered metallurgical process,the raw materials incl. Neodymium,Iron, Boron, Cobalt,Dysprosium and some other elements would be helpful for its magnetic properties. The powders of these materials will be oriented in a magnetic field and press to shape them in some simple shapes like cuboid,Cylinder… then they will be sintered in a vacuum furnace.

1.preparation of raw materials, sintered neodymium magnets will request some important raw materials incl. Pr-Nd, Dy-Fe, B-Fe,Cobalt and some other materials. Factory will purchase in advance and check their quality on several parameters like purity,packages, if they were oxidized..
2.Strip Casting is an important process, that because rare earth materials are easy to be oxidized, they can not be add into magnet by pure metal, and oxide is a type of material can be very harm for magnetic properties. Strip Casting process is to casting the materials that easy to be oxidized to be a type of alloy to prevent them oxidized.
3 and 4, Hydrogen decrepitation and jet milling are the processes for making powders for next processes. These processes can powder the material to very thin powders.
5, blending,mixing the powder materials in a type of blender mixer.
6. Orienting and Pressing, this is an important process of sintered Neodymium Magnet, in this process, Neodymium magnet will be oriented by a magnetic field, and also they will be shaped the the press machine. In China, we usually use Manual hydraulic press machines.They need to be pressed to certain density. And usually the size of magnetic direction would be different from other direction will be asked.
7, Vacuum Sintering process is the very important process for neodymium magnet to be alloy and be made their magnetic properties. The temperature would be about 1080°C. And during this process, there will be some steps to control the temperature. A very important thing for sintering is that all the process need to control details to prevent the materials oxidized.
8, Magnetic Properties Inspection is to measure the magnet out from the sintering furnace. every box of product will be check for 5 points of the box, 4 corners and the middle, to make sure all magnet are OK on the magnetic performance.
9,Machining, there usually incl. several machining methods. cutting,grinding, milling. Because of Magnetic materials are all very brittle, that usually, they can not be machined easily. Before we only can use linear cutting, grinding, but current technologies help us can choose CNC machines and other methods. It help us produce more precise magnet part. Jack Magnetics have a related big and high-tech magnet machining factory which specialized in machining all magnetic parts.
10,plating, coating is important for Neodymium magnet for their anticorrosion. Because Rare earth magnetic materials are very easy to be corroded. There will be listed some coating in our website.
11, Magnetizing, it is decided by customers’ requirements. The important thing is that because of the high Hcb, Neodymium magnet can not be magnetized by common magnetic field, they need some big current during magnetized. So the magnetizer for Neodymium Magnet is different from that used for Alnico magnet.
12, Packing, the neodymium magnets have very strong magnetic performance, if two magnetized Neodymium touch together directly, it will not be easy to separated them. Usually there will be a plastic spacer between two Neodymium Magnet. And when they touch each other, the force also make them break because of their brittle. It is dangerous to let kids play with neodymium magnets. Another thing for pack is the magnetic value out of the box will take something dangerous for aircraft if they be shipped by air. there will be a magnetic shield for boxes.

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