Sintered Samarium Cobalt (smco) magnet manufacturing method

Sintered Samarium Cobalt magnet (smco magnet) is produced by a process same as sintered neodymium magnet by a powdered metallurgical process. Their elements incl. Samarium, Cobalt,and some transition metals like Copper, Iron. They are also anisotropic magnet, they need to be oriented during pressing process.

1. burdening, there will be some different formulas for different grades of Samarium cobalt magnet. this process is important to decide the final magnet, usually the materials will be prepared carefully.
2.Melting, rare earth material can not be hold easily by pure material, and they have to be melt to alloy with other elements to stop them oxidized or polluted.
3.Milling, the process is powder metallurgical process, so all the materials will be milling and powdering to powder , then they can be mixture to be form in press machine.
4. press process is very important for Samarium cobalt magnet, they will be oriented in magnetic field to decide the magnets’ magnetic direction. and the density and dimensions are also very important for the next sintering process, because it will effect the final magnetic properties.
5. the process is to make the mixture to be an alloy and also make magnetic properties.( magnetic properties is not means magnetic flux, and magnet is not a alloy have magnetic flux, but a type of alloy can have magnetic strength. an unmagnetized magnet is still a magnet.)6. Inspection the magnetic properties ( parameters like Residual induction Coercive Force Energy product etc.will be tested ,record and comparing with standard requirement) 7.machining, the sintered Part in last process are usually some blocks or Cylinders, they are usually not final dimensions of customers’ requirement. they will be cut, grinding or some machining method to machine them to final dimensions shapes tolerance. 8. Final inspections, for the final dimensions, magnetic flux, tolerance as customers’ requirement. 9. packaging ,to protect the magnet damaged during holding or delivering.


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