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Temperature is another important defect of Neodymium Magnets (one is corrosion). Although Neodymium Magnet is the strongest Permanent magnet in the world, but their temperature coefficient of Residual induction is about -0.08~-0.12 %/˚c and temperature coefficient of Coercive Force is -0.34~0.75 %/˚C, and the max work temperature is from 80˚C to 200 ˚C. The low grades of Neodymium magnet can not last supply magnetism when the temperature goes up.
That is very important thing for you to choose a magnet for your design.
When the temperature goes up, it is possible the magnet have not lost their whole magnetic performance, but it cannot provide sufficient magnet field to support the application, that will take some dangerous or can not work for your applications.
Recently, many companies is trying to use some different rare earth material to replace the Pr,Nd and add some other elements to try to make the new Neodymium Magnets to have better performance on temperature. That will be some good news several years later.
If you have a design on magnetic devices, and don’t know how to choose a magnet especially on temperature performance. Please submit form blow. We will give some support on this.
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